Booking Process

Feilding Information Centre maintain the Civic Centre's diary and can advise you of venue availability and accept your booking with any additional requirements you may have. The booking is passed onto the Manager of the Feilding Civic Centre who will provide a written confirmation of the booking including costs and availability of equipment. If you have any questions or wish to inspect the venue this can be done by contacting the Manager on (06) 323-8306 or email:

Please visit or phone the Feilding & District Information Centre located at 10 Manchester Square, Feilding for booking enquiries

Phone: (06) 323-3318
Fax: (06) 323-6549

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The hirer shall be responsible for the behavior of all occupants of the premises during the hire.

Decorations - Only decorations that can be arranged independent of the Civic Centre structure will be permitted. The use of nails, tacks, drawing pins, staples and adhesive tapes are prohibited. Blue Tack may be used.

Damage - The hirer shall be liable for any damage done to property fitting and fixtures during the period of hire. Special care is required on the floors, all heavy gear and stacks of chairs are to be moved using the trolleys provided. Damage includes the misuse of fire extinguishers.

Cleaning - The premises are to left in the same condition as at the commencement of the hire. Cleaning should be completed within the tenure of the hire so that the venue is available for the next hirer who may be in the next hire period.

All spills are to be mopped up and cleaning equipment such as brooms and sponge mops are available in each venue. A vacuum cleaner for use on carpeted floors or upholstered seats is available on request.

If the premises are left in an untidy condition the hirer will be charged for any additional cleaning.

Smoking Policy - The complex is smoke-free at all times.