Portable Staging

The centre has a significant amount of portable staging.

There are 38 2400mm x 1200mm Stronglite staging units that can be used in a variety of configurations.    The entire 38 are available to cover the bleachers in the Stadium forming a mezzanine floor over the bleachers.   The units are also capable of providing a portable stage on a level floor or providing rostra.    The units require two people to handle.  The equipment includes trolleys and tools to facilitate the erection, dismantling and storage of these units.  

In each case FCCT management must inspect construction to ensure equipment has been deployed safely.

Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor comprises of 38 Stronglite staging units that provide a level floor over the bleachers in the Stadium.   The floor is 2400mm wide and covers the bleachers except for stair accesses.    The floor is available in three main configurations depending on the number and location of accesses required.

Erection and dismantling of the floor is carried out by contractors and needs to be scheduled.

Public Address System

Each of the two main venues are equipped with sound systems.   The Concert Chamber configuration includes a sound desk and two wireless microphones and a CD player.   The Stadium fixed amplifiers and speakers ant two inputs on wither side of the Stadium.  The centre can provide a pre-amp to accommodate a fixed mic, CD player, MP3 player etc.

The Concert Chamber and Stadium systems are able to used as one system or separately as required. 

Loose Seating

The centre has 500 Sebel Progress chairs that are available for use in any of the centre's venues.   The chairs are designed to be linked together to meet fire regulations. 


Scaffolding is available for occasions when sound, lighting or decorations requires access to the ceiling in either the stadium or the Concert Chamber.   

Tables and Trestles

The centre's table stock includes 60 x 2400mm x 750mm and 15 x 1800mm x 750mm tables.   These tables are metal framed with folding legs and are reasonably light and easy to handle.


The Concert Chamber and stage have fluorescent lighting for general use.   Stage lighting and the auditorium chandeliers are able to be set up with a lighting control panel providing prior arrangements have been made with the manager.    There is no additional charge for a "standard" stage lighting set which provides a general wash illumination for two thirds of the stage from three lighting bars.   One lighting bar is positioned at the front of the house and two bars are over the stage.     

The lighting configuration is able to be changed or used in other parts of the venue provided you use a lighting engineer approved by the Civic Centre Trust and the system is reinstated at the conclusion of the event.


Equipment available for the stage includes:
-        Main Curtain
-        Waterfall curtain (electric)
-        Cyclorama
-        Full stage dressing, legs and borders
-        Black traveller curtain (movable)
-        Digital Piano
-        Lectern

Concert Chamber Sound System

There is a permanent sound system installed in the Concert Chamber for use by patrons.   The system is accessed via sound desk providing 2 stereo channels, 10 mono channels and input devices include a CD Player, a tape deck and a fixed microphone and two radio microphones.  


Three phase power is available back stage (3 outlets) and in the Stadium (three outlets).    Power usage will be monitored and abnormal usage will be charged for.